I help startup founders and small business owners accelerate their path to sales, validation and goals without burning stages or cash.

I show entrepreneurs how to do more with less and get results quickly.

I failed as an entrepreneur. I failed 90% of the time but it was for the remaining 10% that I have been successful. A decade of starting and growing startups and online businesses of different kinds taught me how to focus on what matters, how to accelerate stages and how to fail fast. I could barely fund life when I started my first venture in college let alone a business. Entrepreneurship taught me how to build value out of nothing.

Today, I help entrepreneurs launching new startup ventures or growing existing ones 5X their performance 5X faster by bringing clarity, trust and a tested plan.

Beyond just the words, beyond the knowledge, I feel this energy vibe that I feel I am in a superclass…this high spiritual energy that permeates all the wisdom and knowledge…”

Leonard and Joe Segal

“I was absolutely blown away…it’s just a no brainer. What he’s doing and how he’s helped everyone around him, showing tremendous value for them and at the same time building his own business…it’s a no brainer.”

Dmitry Dragilev

I told Abdo, I have so much on my plate and I can’t afford to waste my tight resources, will this program help me? It was the best decision I ever made. In just 3 months, we had over two hundred people lined up to use our product. Best of all, it’s 100% bootstrapped.”

John Demko

Within the time frame of 3 weeks taking clear, focused and consistent action I was already able to get 4 customers.”

Jan Benedict

Working with Abdo has made a weight lifted from my shoulders…Abdo helps me juggle my apples, oranges and chainsaws while keeping my balance.”

Ronnie Hughan

I spent 11 months and thousands of hours fundraising for my first startup but no one cared...

Have you ever had people compliment your ideas, products or services but when it came time for them to take action, pay or invest, no one cared? That’s what happened when I started my first business. I’d love to share this story some other day but long story short, it wasn’t until I spoke with someone who had gone through a similar experience that I learned what to focus on instead. 5 months later, I built a community of 500 people and presold $20,000 that helped me build the product.

No one should spend 11 months or even 5 guessing, wasting resources or doing things that don’t move the needle. Just like me, sometimes it only takes a quick conversation so here’s my calendar, book a time and day that best fits your schedule. At the very least, you’ll spend 30 minutes learning something new. At best…it could change your life.

Ever since I met him I was blown away by his work ethic. Abdo has created a ton of value for my audience, people who are self-funded entrepreneurs. I could not recommend him more highly.”

Ryan Robinson

Abdo has been like my temporary co-founder. He’s been helping me a lot in terms of the business side and which decisions to take…let him help take your business to the next level.”

Dinarte Jesus

Thank you greatly for the information you shared and the time you took in getting to know a little about me and the businesses I’m preparing to launch. I was feeling overwhelmed and what you shared was the right information at the right time. Very clear and completely doable.”

Ina Thorner

I was duly impressed by his desire to help other entrepreneurs build their business with common sense smart strategy.”

Elinor Stutz

I have seen too many education entrepreneurs go about things what I would consider the wrong way, they fail unnecessarily…”

Chris Badgett

If you want to explore potentially working together, book a time for a quick call to discuss the fit. Don’t expect a sales pitch. I listen, share my recommendations and then we’ll discuss whether I can help you accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

© 2019 Abdo Riani

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to EntrePerks.com)

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to EntrePerks.com)

In the package, you will find checklists, case studies, strategies, examples and tips that will provide you with lots of information about bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup and a side hustle with limited to no budget. You’ll learn how to turn hustle (sweat equity) into startup value without a financial investment.

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