I help entrepreneurs minimize startup risk by launching and growing products people use and pay for as early as the second month.

I show entrepreneurs how to take measurable steps to boost startup success predictability towards scalability.

You may have seen me in Forbes, Entrepreneur or other publications. Here’s why. It wasn’t because I built a billion dollar company, ran a billion dollar fund or resuced villages from poverty. Ten years ago, my first startup was born while I was a Sophomore in college. By the time I graduated, I had an acquisition offer I didn’t take. I was so amazed by how entrepreneurs could build something out of nothing that I decided all I wanted to do for the rest of my entrepreneurial journey was be involved in the creation of startups that make a difference in the world, not work for an acquirer whose acquisition condition entailed full-time employment.

Ever since then, I helped numerous entrepreneurs launch profitable startup ventures. The last decade taught me what it takes to minimize startup risk and build ventures with more certainty and higher success predictability. Today, through my startup experience and education (Ph.D.) I help entrepreneurs launch profitable startups faster without needing to raise a dime in funding (yet!).

Beyond just the words, beyond the knowledge, I feel this energy vibe that I feel I am in a superclass…this high spiritual energy that permeates all the wisdom and knowledge…”

Leonard and Joe Segal

“I was absolutely blown away…it’s just a no brainer. What he’s doing and how he’s helped everyone around him, showing tremendous value for them and at the same time building his own business…it’s a no brainer.”

Dmitry Dragilev

I told Abdo, I have so much on my plate and I can’t afford to waste my tight resources, will this program help me? It was the best decision I ever made. In just 3 months, we had over two hundred people lined up to use our product. Best of all, it’s 100% bootstrapped.”

John Demko

Within the time frame of 3 weeks taking clear, focused and consistent action I was already able to get 4 customers.”

Jan Benedict

Working with Abdo has made a weight lifted from my shoulders…Abdo helps me juggle my apples, oranges and chainsaws while keeping my balance.”

Ronnie Hughan


Starting a successful startup venture requires a lot of time and risk-taking. It requires paying less attention to current predictable wealth building channels like a business or well-paying job hoping that the startup idea will take off to substitute or complement existing channels while allowing you to make a stronger impact in the world. Most entrepreneurs waste months and tens of thousands of dollars building products doomed to fail. This can be avoided.

While I am proud to have helped numerous entrepreneurs generate revenue and validate their ideas in as little as a month, what I am most proud of is saving founders hundreds of thousands of dollars in products, we quickly learned, no one cared for and needed..

Before making your next move whether it’s hiring a team, building a product or launching a campaign, schedule a guidance session and I’ll help you clarify your path and how I can contribute to your journey.

Ever since I met him I was blown away by his work ethic. Abdo has created a ton of value for my audience, people who are self-funded entrepreneurs. I could not recommend him more highly.”

Ryan Robinson

Abdo has been like my temporary co-founder. He’s been helping me a lot in terms of the business side and which decisions to take…let him help take your business to the next level.”

Dinarte Jesus

Thank you greatly for the information you shared and the time you took in getting to know a little about me and the businesses I’m preparing to launch. I was feeling overwhelmed and what you shared was the right information at the right time. Very clear and completely doable.”

Ina Thorner

I was duly impressed by his desire to help other entrepreneurs build their business with common sense smart strategy.”

Elinor Stutz

I have seen too many education entrepreneurs go about things what I would consider the wrong way, they fail unnecessarily…”

Chris Badgett

If you want to explore potentially working together, book a time for a quick call to discuss the fit. Don’t expect a sales pitch. I listen, share my recommendations and then we’ll discuss whether I can help you accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

“Spoke to Abdo! He gave me so much insight and affirmed a lot of my internal dialogue. He’s focused my next few days and I’m excited to get to work on the exact few things that’s going to get my startup to that next step!”

Glenn Espinosa

Founder of Sidebar

“Great talking to you, Abdo. Your advice will definitely help me with Rezden.”

David Huie

Founder of Rezden

“Had a long talk with Abdo, gave me some great ideas for Versoly, and we will be implementing them ASAP.”

Volkan Kaya

Founder of Versoly

“I had a great online meeting with Abdo who was able to quickly understand our business operations, provide great quality advice and strategic guidance. At the end of our meeting I had a better understanding of how to take my company to the next level.”

Cristian Ivighenie

Founder Dwebox

“I am very glad that I was able to connect with Abdo for 30 min–highly recommended for actionable tactics specific to the challenges you are facing. A generous offer that epitomizes what the IH community seems to be so strong at: generously helping others where possible. Thanks Abdo!”

Gen Furukawa

Founder of Retainable

“Abdo had great insights and feedback. Will be integral to how I proceed, thanks!”

Ryan J. Yoast

Founder of DepChecker

“Thanks it was really helpful :)! I’ve gotten 4 customers since!”

Andrei Miulescu

Founder of TunnelHero

© 2019 Abdo Riani

If you haven’t yet, download the diagram with a step by step process for launching and growing profitable startup ventures with higher success predictability.

If you haven’t yet, download the diagram with a step by step process for launching and growing profitable startup ventures with higher success predictability.

The diagram will come with summaries to help you implement the steps to move your ideas or startup forward whether your current focus is validating your ideas quickly, acquiring the first or next 100 paying customers, building an MVP or the next versions of the product. You’ll find examples and case studies. 

Got it! Please check your email for confirmation and the diagram will be on its way.

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