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How To Invest Resources Wisely As A Bootstrapped Founder

  I think you’d agree with me that acquiring resources to fund a startup is a big challenge. The truth is, getting an investment or finding alternative sources to raise startup capital is just one part of the challenge. Knowing how to invest those resources...

You Will Get Comfortable Bootstrapping (Learn From My Mistakes)

  If you’re bootstrapping today and plan on getting funded eventually or at a more basic level, bootstrap a scalable startup, this story is for you. In one of his Quora answers, Jason Lemkin notes that investors are skeptical to invest in service first startups,...

How To Take Smart Risks As A Bootstrapped Founder

Designed by Unsplash   Investors’ money solves one problem: you have funds to run the business and you’re expected to invest it wisely. When you’re bootstrapped, you have to worry about two things: 1) finding a way to overcome lack of funding so you can run the...

How To Raise Startup Funds By Freelancing

Designed by Freepik   In the bootstrap a startup program, I outline and explain the most common bootstrapping strategies that bootstrapped startups use to self-fund their ventures but if I were to pick one single strategy based on personal experience, it would be...

Why I Created Upify. And 3 Other Products.

I asked 102 entrepreneurs: Which software do you use to document your ideas, progress, plan your next moves, describe your product, marketing strategy, etc.? What do you think the majority said? Word. Word is a piece of heaven. There isn’t and hasn’t been a cleaner...

5 Foundational Strategies For Business Bootstrapping

This post is a snapshot from the 2+ hours Bootstrap a Startup program presentations. We usually hear statistics about how often startups fail to build a scalable product when the highest failure rates, in my opinion, are way earlier than that. It’s the failure...

4 Ways To Define Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Designed by Freepik     Interesting insights about brands' visual identity from our partner, Logojoy. The idea of a business brand has become increasingly important as businesses are able to interact with their customers on so many different platforms. A...

Where To Start With Zero Startup Knowledge

Designed by Freepik   Assume the story of Facebook in The Social Network is as much as you know about startups. What’s next?   1. Spend 3 months learning the basics It takes a lot more than 3 months to connect the dots about a subject you’ve never been...

Get Your Hands Dirty. Jeff Bezos Was Flipping Burgers In His 20s

Designed by Freepik   Tell me if this sounds familiar: Airbnb has an interesting concept, I think if I build an Airbnb for Y, maybe I won’t reach their $31 billion valuation but with just half that, I’m going to be well off. Oh god, I can do the same with every...

3 Reasons Why Patents Are Your Startup’s Most Important Asset

Designed by Freepik     This is a guest post by Peter Benei from KissPatent. For businesses, especially startup businesses, innovation is the “watchword.” Not only do patents keep your ideas safe from other users for a considerable period of time, but...

Why Perseverance Is Entrepreneurs’ Best Insurance Policy

Designed by Freepik Luck plays a role. It sure does. I have met entrepreneurs who, out of nowhere, receive an acquisition offer 6 months after launch of their beta version just because it turns out that what they’re working on is in line with a bigger company’s short...

The Cost of Building an App vs Launching a Startup

We thought Google is the best at getting the most trusted and shared answers so we wanted to check with it first. This is Google’s top answers: SAAVY APPLICO Fueled Clutch We went back to Google and asked: With some research, we found: What’s going on here? today, it...

Entrepreneur Or Not. There Is No Way Out Of Technology

Designed by Freepik   ..doesn’t it piss you off that it is taking others with 5% your knowledge and experience 95% less time and effort to accomplish what you poured, or plan to, blood, sweat and tears to reach in a lifetime career? It is unbelievable, literally,...

Why Is Starting Startups So Hard?

Why can’t most startup founders get to serve even 1 user/customer? Why don’t most founders pass the idea stage? Why are most founders anxious, depressed, exhausted and giving up? Why is it that working too hard doesn’t necessarily

How To Build A Startup On Your Own Budget

According to research findings by Fundable, less than one percent of startup founders get funded by angel and venture capital investors. The numbers are a lot lower for venture capital funding, 0.05% as compared to 0.91 by an

Quantifying Progress And Consequently Success

If there’s one common thing among current and potentially successful entrepreneurs, it’s a dedication to accomplishing written and well defined goals. In other words, the best way to identify a future success story is by asking,

What Is Building Startups Really About?

Sometimes we chase ideas thinking that we are solving problems. That’s not what building startups is really about. A startup idea is one that has a product and not a market. It’s when ideas precede problems and those are usually bound

What’s The Consequence Of Good Mentoring?

According to a study by techcrunch team, 33% of founders who are mentored by successful entrepreneurs went to become top performers. Startup founders are 3 times more likely to reach an exit of at least $100 million

How To Add Pre-Funding Startup Value

Less than 1% of startups receive the angel/seed funding they need. A number that only shows the scarcity of resources entrepreneurs compete for. Back in the days, before the dotcom bubble burst, startups used to raise millions

How Landing Pages Can Be Powerful Validation Tools

Define your hypotheses, interview potential buyers, build a minimum viable product and take it from there. Sounds familiar? What if I told you there is an earlier, as important and powerful, stage that can help you in customer

How To Hire And Retain A Player Freelancers

Advances in technology directly contributed to the rise of the freelance/independent contracting work. With few clicks, employers can today access a pool of skills globally. A mix of direct employees and contractors

What’s Pre-Execution Marketing?

One of the questions I am sure many entrepreneurs ask is, when do we start marketing our product? If I may guess, answers are in the range of, let’s build a decent product first then we’ll focus..

How Interns Can Be Valuable To Your Startup

Interns are not for use. When interests are aligned and with a fair compensation, a team of ambitious interns can have a tangible impact on your startup. Interns, on the other hand,

How to Start Up Part-Time

Building a startup part-time is like raising a baby whenever time permits. You feel the guilt and discomfort from the lack of proper time allocation to this equally as important responsibility

How Smart Startup Grinding Works

It was about 6 years ago when I stood in a booth at an idea event for literally 6 straight hours filled with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. I made sure that every passing person is aware of what we offer. 200 sign

5 Ways To Keep Your Enthusiasm During Harsh Times

We’ve all been there. Some of us are currently there. It’s about those down days and sometimes months filled with pessimism, discourage and need for change. It was only last month when a group of young entrepreneurs called

5 Experiments For Idea Validation

An experiment is a test to demonstrate a known fact. In a startup context, more specifically at the initiation stage, it is meant to simulate the product, measure user behavior and get real feedback.

A Mindset For Overcoming Startup Fears

I assume no one wants to have regrets later in their career about things they wished they had done or started earlier. Fear is so powerful that it is often the main reason behind

How to Find Product-Market Fit

For the sake of the example, your name is Mark. You're talking to a friend, let’s call him Steve, he says, “I’ve been looking for a reliable nurse for my daughter for over a month but I don’t seem to find the right person”.

How to Bootstrap a Startup

There is no doubt that turning an idea into a profitable and scalable venture is a dream come true for many passionate entrepreneurs out there. So what can possibly stop a person from living a dream?

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