The Bootstrapping Package

  • Checklist & Summary: 17 equity/debt free funding sources for bootstrapped (self-funded) founders.
  • 10 examples of how you can create a service out of a product like Mailchimp and Basecamp did when they started and before building their tools.
  • 3 ways to fund your business through freelancing.
  • Agreement template for exchanging products and services.
  • How to invest resources wisely as a bootstrapped founder: Dos & Don’ts (Checklist).
  • List of mentors that will make a significant impact on your venture.
  • Lifetime access to EntrePerks’ $23,000+ combined savings.
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Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

In the package, you will find checklists, case studies, strategies, examples and tips that will provide you with lots of information about bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup and a side hustle with limited to no budget. You’ll learn how to turn hustle (sweat equity) into startup value without a financial investment.

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