Idea to validation without an application

Connecting the dots about startup venture initiation and idea validation


Minimizing startup risk and gaining confidence


Generating and qualifying startup ideas


Serving customers without an app


Pre-selling ideas


Building a small business vs a startup


Bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup


Replicating validated business models for learning or quick revenue generation


Building an app without code


The financial side of a startup


The marketing side of a startup


How: lean, MVP, blue ocean, customer development, etc. fit in startup development


Founder/potential co-founder fit


Hiring, firing, outsourcing


Managing product development


The legal side of a startup

Knowledge has no value if not used to build startup value.

Putting acquired knowledge to work aka EXECUTION.

The resources that will be available to you

Besides the presentation sessions and Q&As, each entrepreneur will be privately contacted and guided one on one through skype/email plus a Trello project management page to ensure weekly progress.

Tetiana K.

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Artem K.

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Private one on one Trello dashboard to document and track progress


Slack page for networking, pitching and getting feedback


Highly skilled and tested freelancers ready to join your venture


Thanks for the opportunity. I find it extremely valuable.


Thanks for all the time and attention. I didn’t think I could do it this fast. Thanks again.

  • Entrepreneurship & Startup Educational Foundation
  • Private Trello page to document and track progress
  • Slack page for networking, pitching and getting feedback
  • Highly skilled and tested freelancers at your fingertips


Is this a course?

It is a combination of knowledge and execution. Unlike the traditional course format that often consists of lectures and Q&As, this initiative begins by providing entrepreneurs with the required knowledge not only for learning purposes but also to use the acquired knowledge to turn an idea or interest in entrepreneurship into a tested solution.

Entrepreneurs are first exposed to the different important areas about startup development. Content is most importantly organized to enable entrepreneurs to connect the dots while executing on their ideas through guidance and product development.

Besides the lectures, a private Trello page is used to document and track the progress of entrepreneurs as they move forward to validating their ideas. A Slack group is used for networking, seeking feedback and connecting with likeminded entrepreneurs. And finally, after over 8 years of working with numerous freelancers, we have recruited the best programmers, designers and project managers including Upwork’s best team in the last 3 consecutive years, to assist entrepreneurs with product (app) development when needed.

The program is organized as follows:

1) Introduction: Slack chat and by answering a few introductory questions.

2) Trello page is created and entrepreneur is invited. In it, entrepreneurs can ask specific questions.

3) Execution ideally starts after the first 5 lectures since most of the methods, approaches, tools and techniques for going to market are presented in those 5 lectures.

4) Trello page updated with initial idea to market execution steps.

5) Entrepreneurs continue with the lectures as they make tangible progress.

6) After completing all lectures which ideally take 2-3 weeks, entrepreneurs focus on using the knowledge to validate the need for their ideas and build startup value.

7) Team members can be invited at any time by contacting the team supervisor. Selected members are added to Trello and tasks are assigned to them.

We can spend our lives studying but if we don’t use the acquired knowledge to build value, it’s like we didn’t learn anything in the first place. This initiative combines knowledge with execution.

How is this going to contribute to me as an entrepreneur?

It will provide you with all the needed resources to turn an idea into a viable startup solution. Ironically, in the early stages of seeking a foundation in a new field, the more we read and listen, the more confused we get. It takes time to connect the dots.

First, in designing the content of the startup knowledge side of the initiative, we made sure that the acquired information is not only sequential but also relates to other interpretations, methods and approaches you hear and read from other experts and books. Second, we made sure that content is designed for execution, that is, the tools, methods, frameworks and approaches we share are actionable.

Keep in mind that if today, you’re only looking to be equipped with knowledge and a road map for execution, you are free to execute later in the future.

Who is this for?

First time entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and seasonal entrepreneurs who need support making a bigger difference with their ideas. Although this initiative addresses startup founders, it is of great value to existing or aspiring small business owners. More specifically, this is for you if:

You are planning to start a business (startup or small business)

You are looking for business opportunities

You are in the processing of starting

You are looking for a team

You are looking for business skills

Your first idea didn’t go as you hoped and you need to make some changes

You’re a teacher and looking to incorporate startup development in your lectures

Why is it valuable again?

Entrepreneurs will not only learn how to turn ideas into products people are willing to pay for but also supported every step of the way to make this happen. Entrepreneurs will learn how to minimize risk, bootstrap (self-fund) their business and generate money from pre-orders while increasing the value of their business to qualify and increase chances of getting funded quickly if needed. This, can only be accomplished by combining knowledge with execution. A team with complementary skills is available and likeminded entrepreneurs are there to help when needed.

What’s the alternative? perhaps majoring in entrepreneurship, reading books, articles, taking courses, etc. all of those are valuable as well. It takes time to connect the dots and time is money so through this initiative, what entrepreneurs accomplish in 2 months, others do in over a year (I speak from experience).

Is the enrollment forever?

All content (presentations, articles and guides) are accessible at any time, all the time. The Slack chat community will also always be available for networking (as new entrepreneurs join every month), pitching and seeking feedback. Trello’s one on one guidance remains open and active for 90 days after which all questions can be answered directly from Slack. Finally, you can continue to recruit from our selected team (freelancers) with complementary skills at any time.

What’s the investment?

The investment is $285. Request an invitation and you will receive the instruction for completing enrollment.

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