..doesn’t it piss you off that it is taking others with 5% your knowledge and experience 95% less time and effort to accomplish what you poured, or plan to, blood, sweat and tears to reach in a lifetime career?

It is unbelievable, literally, unbelievable the opportunity most of us, entrepreneurs or not, are missing from realizing and yet deliberately ignoring the power of technology to build a business, grow an existing one or just have a side project. If you haven’t realized it yet or if it has been in the back of your head for some time now, this post is a wakeup call.

Entrepreneur or not, let this week be when you finally outline, qualify and quantify the opportunities that you have ahead of you from leveraging just a small part of technology.

The Opportunity

Starting backwards, what’s the desired end result? starting a business (online or offline, small business or startup), growing an existing one, monetizing a skill, making a local or worldwide difference, making a bigger difference, starting a side project, etc. There’s so much to do in an old fashioned way but the opportunity is a million times bigger by leveraging the power of technology. If this doesn’t justify the time professionals should give to exploring the different opportunities they have, doesn’t it piss you off that it is taking others with 5% your knowledge and experience 95% less time and effort to accomplish what you poured, or plan to, blood, sweat and tears to reach in a lifetime career?

Technology is an enabler. Did you know thanks to open source software and cloud based tools the cost of starting a startup decreased by a thousand percent in just 11 years? did you know, nowadays, you can start almost any service based company with zero upfront investment? did you know you can get new clients without ads and promotions? did you know you can minimize your operating expenses by as much as 80%? did you know at least 20% of what you do can be automated? did you know turning an idea into a profitable solution can be a few clicks and steps away? did you know it doesn’t take a million dollars to build a million dollar company? it’s mind blowing the money that is being left on the table and the opportunities that are being let go or pass by mainly due to lack of effort and knowledge.

We all have reasons which can be as simple as, I’m satisfied with the way I have been making a living, I’m not looking for better or more. In this case, this post is not for you. For those who have been trying to make a bigger impact but don’t know what to do or how to start, understand that whatever you want to accomplish, technology is so vast that one goal can have more than ten success formulas. In other words, there is no magic to it, it’s a matter of learning, experimenting and doing.

Limited resources, I have limited resources, that’s why I’m not learning, experimenting or doing…

The Obstacles

Resources: Time, money and knowledge. Those are the three interrelated resources that everyone needs. The truth is that for those who are completely new to the field of technology, the marginal benefit from investing an hour of time, ten dollars or in reading a 20-page book is so large that the return on such small investment is ten to twenty times greater. Resources should not be considered obstacles, they’re investments. What if we don’t have an investment? once again, technology is so vast that what it took hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to accomplish two decades ago, can be done today in a fraction of the time and cost. If we’re not willing to make such investment, we’re not looking to go any farther.


Confidence: it takes guts, sacrifice, risk, fights, etc. Actually, none of that is true. It takes commitment, that’s all it takes. By commitment think of overnight success, depending on how you define success, as a 2, 5, or 10 years project.

By going through the learn, trial and error loop a hundred times, the probability of hitting a goal is almost inevitable. It can happen in as little as a week (acquiring a new client) or as long as 10 years (taking a company public) or longer. I must have gone through the loop over a hundred times and I missed more than I hit but it’s the little hits that keep you going. Confidence is gained through knowledge, by doing and hitting small goals. In sum, start small but do it consistently. Eventually (probably two weeks later), you’ll be looking for more.


It’s unbelievable how fast things are moving. Don’t be a bystander; you owe it to yourself.

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