From Idea To First Paying Customers/Users.


One on One

Get the clarity, direction and support you need to accelerate your path to launching a product or a service people need and will pay for.

I commit to helping a few entrepreneurs cut the guesswork, focus on the right path and make the right decisions towards their goals.

Whether you’re building a digital product, software or looking to sell consulting/coaching services, book a call here to see if there’s a fit.


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Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

In the package, you will find checklists, case studies, strategies, examples and tips that will provide you with lots of information about bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup and a side hustle with limited to no budget. You’ll learn how to turn hustle (sweat equity) into startup value without a financial investment.

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