Helping entrepreneurs 5X their business performance 5X faster by bringing clarity, trust and a tested plan.

Personalized 1-on-1 guidance

My job is to take the weight off your shoulders and bring clarity to your journey to first paying customers. My responsibility is to help you cut the guesswork, clarify each step and reach preset goals quickly. And I do it differently.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or a service, validate an idea, presell it, acquire the first 10, 100 customers or 1000 users. And whether you’re building a startup or a service based business, you need ACCESS.

I show you how to provide a large group of your ideal customers with so much value that decision makers of those communities, companies and groups happily feature your products, services or ideas for presale.

The approach has helped many entrepreneurs, building and offering different products and services, raise funds through presale, acquire the first 10 or next 100 customers or 1000 users, build thought leadership in the space, connect with industry leaders, grow an audience and more.

So far, It has on average resulted in cutting entrepreneurs’ path to revenue goals by 5 months, cutting costs by 40%, and generating 3X as much in sales and presale goals.

Here’s my calendar.  Select when you’d like to have a quick chat, discuss your goals and the fit.

Ask Proven Entrepreneurs Your Questions, LIVE.

Startup Circle connects you with successful founders over live Q&A sessions so you can ask questions, build relationships, and get specific answers and guidance that you can use to move your idea or business forward.

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