Chances are you have seen or heard these terms in one way or another. I remember many years ago when reading an article about startups used to take me 10 times what it does today. Back and forth translating every other word was a hassle. One of the prerequisites of becoming an entrepreneur is to get familiar and comfortable with the business and more specifically in this case the startup language. Technical or non-technical, the best entrepreneurs may not be experts at everything but are certainly able to wear many hats and speak many languages whether it is with the finance team, programmers, designers, marketers, business developers, or other areas.

In this infograpahic, find 91 startup terms with a brief definition for each that you can use as a reference for learning, enhancing or remembering some of the most commonly used words in the field.

  • Access strategies you can instantly use to execute on your ideas and grow your startup regardless of how limited resources can be.


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