It’s hard to make the difference at first but pay a little attention and you will see how big the difference is. Entrepreneurs get their hands dirty, they embrace risk, think long term, deal with uncertainty, postpone reward, believe in their long-term success, seek to make a difference and are prepared to go above and beyond to achieve their goals and make those around them proud.

Wantrepreneurs want to get rich tomorrow, spend useless hours doing things that add no value such as countless meetings, “work lunches” and networking events. They stay away from risk and procrastinate work. They’re often doubtful and want an answer to everything before making any step forward. Above all, they rarely execute. Too much talking, very little doing.

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Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to

In the package, you will find checklists, case studies, strategies, examples and tips that will provide you with lots of information about bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup and a side hustle with limited to no budget. You’ll learn how to turn hustle (sweat equity) into startup value without a financial investment.

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