Thanks to open source software and cloud based tools, it has never been cheaper to start a startup according to an estimation by CB Insights. Just as startup initial investment decreased significantly in a little over a decade, so did time to reach 100 million users. According to Atomico, on average, it takes growth startups about 25 months to reach a user base that used to take around 72 months to acquire a decade ago. The irony is that the revolutionary invention of the telephone took 75 years to reach 100 million users when Candy Crush only needed 15 months.

20 years ago, when startup initiation and idea validation were tied to funding, entrepreneurs looking to execute on their ideas had one challenge to overcome and it is to show investors (through a business plan) how lucrative and viable the idea will be. The consequence of this approach was startups going public with ugly financial statements and massive overvaluations. The startup democratization has enabled every passionate entrepreneur to take a shot at the startup success pool. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can start and reach advanced startup levels under limited to no resources.

Documenting the ups and downs of a bootstrapped startup founder.

 Join me on this journey and let’s do it together.


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