Knowledge has no value if not used to build value

Idea To Validation Without An Application

This 30 minutes presentation uses my first venture as a case study to discuss:

  • Why do most pre-launch sign ups end up completely ignoring the product when it’s ready for use?

  • How the startup development road map can be modified to minimize risk, maximize understanding of potential customers’ problems and needs, and test their real intentions through tangible commitments (pre-sales).
  • Maximizing customer understanding by delaying product development and using non-scalable resources to offer the service instead.
  • Building a $1000 startup.

Abdo Riani

Abdo Riani

Over the years, Abdo has been involved in several startups as a founder, business developer, mentor or investor. Today, he focuses on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the needed resources to turn ideas into viable and valuable startups.

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