I help entrepreneurs launch startup ventures with high success predictability while generating revenue as soon as the second month

I help early stage bootstrapped entrepreneurs launch and grow startup ventures faster without needing to raise a dime in funding (yet!)

If you’re self-funded, looking to move quickly but cautiously, this diagram will help you take the right steps whether you’re starting or growing.

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Building a startup on your own is a challenge – a very big challenge

Let alone if you’re a non-technical founder…
Starting a successful startup venture requires a lot of time and risk-taking. It requires paying less attention to existing predictable wealth-building channels like a business or well-paying job hoping that the startup idea will take off to substitute or complement existing channels while allowing you to make a strong impact in the world.

You could hire the best… BUT

Hiring programmers, a project manager and a marketer will not answer the million dollar question: are people willing to pay and use my product? Plus, hiring and managing team members isn’t cheap. Finding, hiring and managing talented people isn’t easy and adds another layer of risk especially in the beginning when the idea doesn’t have sufficient validation or proof.


What if you could make those major and key investments in response to demand?

What if your ideal users/customers paid you to build the product?

What if you knew if your idea will work soon and before committing a ton of resources?

What if you also knew the best ways to attract users/customers before learning from a $50,000+ mistake while saving months in product development and “launches”?

How I can help

You bring the idea, insights and experience, I draw from a decade of startup experience and a Ph.D. in startup venture initiation to show you how to take it to market quickly, inexpensively and with higher success predictability.

While I am proud to have helped numerous entrepreneurs generate revenue and validate their ideas in as little as a month, what I am most proud of is saving founders hundreds of thousand of dollars in products, we quickly learned, no one cared for and needed.

“Within the time frame of 3 weeks taking clear, focused and consistent action, I was already able to get 4 customers.”

Jan Benedict

Founder of Constant Pipeline

Generate revenue and validate your idea or plan quickly before building an app

Within 2 weeks, you will have an action plan ready for execution. A plan designed to test the riskiest assumption and provide you with insights about the potential of the idea, ideal customers’ willingness to pay for it and use it, and the next stage of the startup upon sufficient validation for development on a strong foundation with higher success predictability and risk minimization.

See step by step process and plans

Turn a tested idea into a scalable product within a 1-2 months of validation

Building software is expensive and there’s no guarantee that the product will solve people’s problems and address their needs as expected or hypothesized. However, having validated your idea and tested the riskiest assumption, it’s time to build with higher certainty. Our team of passionate entrepreneurs with complementary skills will help you turn a validated hypothesis into a scalable product.

““I told Abdo, I have so much on my plate and I can’t afford to waste my tight resources…I was the best decision I ever made. In just 3 months, we had over two hundred people lined up to use our product. Best of all, it’s 100% bootstrapped.”

John Demko

Founder of OnDemandCargo

Scale your bootstrapped venture without needing to raise a dime in funding (yet!)

In its simplest form, business is about targeting one customer profile (ideal buyer/user) with one marketing channel to solve one big problem exceptionally well. Solving too many problems for different people through different channels will stretch you too thin and while you may see traction, you’ll end up doing OK at many but not exceptionally well on any. This is a big challenge for bootstrapped startups with limited resources.

Having identified these three key ingredients of marketing success, we’ll implement a repeatable acquisition process that drives growth around the clock.

We’re a perfect match if…

Your plan is not to “build it and they’ll come”

We failed numerous times as startup founders. Our biggest failures came as a result of using all of our resources to build what we thought we were certain was going to work. We can’t afford wasting your money and time. We want to eventually take pride in having been involved in your successful venture so one of our main responsibilities is to take actions that minimize your risk while increasing your success rates.

You’re looking to scale but don’t mind starting by doing things that don’t scale

Doing “things that don’t scale” simply means that most parts in the offering and delivery of the solution are not automated. Which means we will have to get our hands dirty in the beginning to get customers’ problem solved as soon as possible so we can get the validation and proof we need to build a scalable product.

Doing things that don’t scale will save time and will allow us to make and save money.

You want to validate your idea quickly even without a full-blown app

A Minimum Viable Product doesn’t necessarily need to be a fully functional and automated app. There are many variations of an MVP with different degrees of automation and reliance on technology. In any case, our goal is to validate an idea or a hypothesis before building a full-blown app or advanced features even at later stages with traction and growth potential.

You’re looking for guidance to turn your vision into reality

Most of the entrepreneurs we work with are successful professionals or small business owners looking to launch a technology startup to make a bigger impact, generate a profit and become Startup Founders. While the first thing we do is listen closely and learn from your experience and industry insights, the entrepreneurs that work with us seek our own expertise and input to complement theirs. We work with entrepreneurs that respect and consider our insights.

“Abdo has been like my temporary co-founder. He’s been helping me a lot in terms of the business and which decisions to take…let him help you take your business to the next level.”

Dinarte Jesus

Founder of athlead

If you haven’t yet, download the diagram with a step by step process for launching and growing profitable startup ventures with higher success predictability.

If you haven’t yet, download the diagram with a step by step process for launching and growing profitable startup ventures with higher success predictability.

The diagram will come with summaries to help you implement the steps to move your ideas or startup forward whether your current focus is validating your ideas quickly, acquiring the first or next 100 paying customers, building an MVP or the next versions of the product. You’ll find examples and case studies. 

Got it! Please check your email for confirmation and the diagram will be on its way.

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