Overnight success is a consequence of perseverance. Every entrepreneur goes through stages that serve as a stepping stone for overnight success. Most quit to leave room for the believer and persistent. The numbers clearly show that failure is part of the success formula: entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed if they’ve failed once (research by Gompers and others, 2006).

The entrepreneurial journey begins with a dream and a motivation. When reality hits, entrepreneurs are tested for the first time, do I want to go through all the challenges I just learned I have to overcome to get a shot at turning my dream into reality (entrepreneur) or should I just keep dreaming and wait for the right time (wantrepreneur)? Overnight success is inevitable if and only if entrepreneurs are willing to be patient, keep an open mind, and continue to truly believe there will eventually be light at the end of the tunnel.

Documenting the ups and downs of a bootstrapped startup founder.

 Join me on this journey and let’s do it together.


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