I asked 102 entrepreneurs:

Which software do you use to document your ideas, progress, plan your next moves, describe your product, marketing strategy, etc.?

What do you think the majority said?


Word is a piece of heaven. There isn’t and hasn’t been a cleaner way of typing your words into a (digital) sheet of paper than what Mircrosoft Word is enabling us to do.

With all the advantages of Word, if you’ve ever pursued a project or startup venture for longer than a month, you should see something like this.

And that’s when companies like Basecamp and Trello come into play.

But notice that no matter how much efficiency those platforms bring to project management, most of the time, everything starts in Word then snapshots or summaries from the Word document are used and an attachment is uploaded for further details. Here’s what I mean.


Therefore, users have to do double the work unless their use of project management platforms is to plan and assign tasks only.

Upify is at the intersection of word processing and project management platforms.


I created Upify to accomplish two goals:


1) Increase efficiency in startup venture development

By combining word processing with project management, better things happen.

To design Upify’s core, we started with what’s indispensable: documentation. Because project management is secondary, the core of Upify is based on the product of word processing.

Start by defining your stage whether it’s the initial Idea (hypothesis) stage, customer development, hiring, customer acquisition, etc. Consider each one of your stages a File that includes multiple documents.

The difference now is that instead of having to shuffle through files and documents, you’ve got everything organized in your dashboard. You can drag and drop Stages however you like.

In terms of project management at is basics, when you start typing your ideas or plans, you are given the option to label it as Note, To Do or Done. Each label has a different color.

Contrary to existing project platforms that focus primarily on task management with the option to upload the “script”, Upify starts with the content with the option to upload attachments.

Your team members can join, comment and contribute to the development of each stage from one single location.


2) Create a platform for entrepreneurs to document their startup progress

I think you’d agree with me that the first word documents you create for your long-term project are, after some time, completely forgotten about while the latest, most updated ones, are the ones you refer to and develop. After all, why would anyone need old, outdate files right?

From the interviews I had, and I resonate, after a while, we tend to get very lazy to go back and skim through the tons of documents and files we created in the past. Therefore, any ideas or plans we thought about and spent time typing in the past tend to get lost.

A startup, or any type of project small or big, is a journey. Upify is built to help its users better document this journey visually and practically. Because when you can picture your accomplishments and completed milestones,

you’re more likely to quantify your progress and above all, celebrate the smaller milestones.


And finally, when you invite your potential or existing investors and mentors to evaluate your progress, you don’t want to send them a 2-page report, instead, let them see what’s going on themselves.


Now that our Beta is live, for the first 100 to join, create a dashboard and give us 5 min to help us improve Upify, a free lifetime access to all upcoming plans will be our gift to you.

Visit Upify at Upify.co


Since I have some room to talk about the other great things we’re doing at StartupCircle.co, let me get started with EntrePerks.

In partnership with some of the best products and services in the market, we’ve curated a list of close to 100 tools including access to mentors where all in all, if you’re an EntrePerks member you access close to $21,000 in partner offers.

Companies like CrowdSpring, MeetEdgar, Foundersuite, Gusto, Clerky, KissPatent, Logojoy, TermsFeed and many more have joined us at EntrePerks.

Click on the banner or here to find and join EntrePerks. There’s a yearly investment of $27 that helps us pay for hosting, a few cups of coffee and above all, help those who really need our partners’ tools and advisement.


Now that you know about EntrePerks, here’s a cool concept we’ve recently launched.

Let me ask you this, how many pages do you visit after a Google search before you find an answer to your question, say, how to test a business idea?

In fact, let’s type in that question on Google and see what comes out.

Google suggests that the best ranked answers to the above question comes from Inc. and Business News Daily.

Are these really the best and most actionable answers that we will ever find on the web to a question like the one we asked above, how to test a business idea?

We manually evaluated hundreds of suggested answers to over 200 questions and found that over 90% of the time, the best ranked answers are not necessarily the most educating, actionable, detailed and useful ones.

This is not to criticize Google which displays the best answers according to what the majority seems to find valuable in addition to other SEO variables, but for those who are looking for detailed and comprehensive answers, they should find it with a click of a button without having to sort through hundreds of suggested answers. Guidz aims to be that button. And here’s how we’re making that happen.

1) For each one of the questions you find at Gudiz.co, we hand collected and evaluated the top answers from hundreds of search engine suggested links. Here is an example:



A TOP answer must:

-Be detailed (typically not less than 1500 words) enough to answer the question comprehensively.

-Provide actionable content backed by examples and preferably data or some research.

Summarize other findings and advice from other posts in order to put the reader into perspective without needing to visit other pages to seek the same answer many times.

-Be stronger than existing answers. This is in terms of content, clarity, readability and value to the reader.

Currently, although not all of the selected answers follow the filtering grid above, we have introduced a voting system to not only transfer the selection power to the reader based on what they feel is most valuable, but also, entice experts to create better content that is worth the consideration of becoming some of the best if not the best answer on the web.

2) For every manually evaluated and selected TOP answer, there are two competitive answers one of which can potentially become the TOP answer based on readers’ votes.

In our example, find the two competitive answers to the question: What do investors look for in a startup?

Notice how it is possible for the current TOP answer to be replaced if others provide a better answer to the question according to the readers.

The first title on the list is the TOP answer. So by clicking the title it is as if you clicked Read.

To read the two other posts/guides, click on the title and you will be taken to their respective pages.

So read, vote and help us get better content created for questions many seek answers to.


Here’s a fact about Upify.co, EntrePerks.com and Guidz.co. They’re all bootstrapped.

I build all of my startups from scratch without help from family, investors, grants, loans or friends. I did it by following a few bootstrapping strategies that have inspired and helped me create value without needing outside capital.

So what I wanted here now that you got this far in the announcement post is give you a snapshot of a free program I just launched that show you how exactly you can execute on your ideas and grow your ventures by getting your hands dirty and not your wallets dry.

Here’s another snapshot of what you’ll find in the Bootstrap a Startup Program:

If you’re interested in joining this limited seat program, click Bootstrap a Startup, go all the way down and click GET ACCESS NOW.


That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and if I haven’t invited you to our community at StartupCircle.co yet, join us here. You’re going to like what we will announce soon.

Documenting the ups and downs of a bootstrapped startup founder.

Join me on this journey and let’s do it together.


Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to EntrePerks.com)

Download The Bootstrapping Package (6 PDFs plus Access to EntrePerks.com)

In the package, you will find checklists, case studies, strategies, examples and tips that will provide you with lots of information about bootstrapping (self-funding) a startup and a side hustle with limited to no budget. You’ll learn how to turn hustle (sweat equity) into startup value without a financial investment.

Please confirm your email and the package will be on its way.

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